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Using Your Travel Experiences In A Career – Born 2 Impress

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At first, you wanted to travel the world just to experience different countries and cultures. You want to explore the world and broaden your mind. As with every traveler, at one point you had to come back home. What you experienced will probably have changed you somehow. Seeing the world through other people’s eyes can afford you knowledge that you wouldn’t otherwise benefit from. So now that you’re back, how can you utilize your travels to further your career and life in general? There are lots of different business opportunities, both independently and working for companies. You may wish to totally go it alone in a big way and that too is possible.

Deciding to stay

Did you fall in love with a certain part of the world, so much so that you didn’t want to come back? Well, you don’t have to. You can become a local tour guide for tourists and private holiday bookers. Many holiday agencies and resorts need foreign tour guides who can speak to their guests in their own language. You would have to learn a lot about the history of the location you’re interested in. Find the local tour guide exam board and find out how you can sign up for their program. You could also contact a local travel agency who can put you in touch with the right people. You’ll need to study hard, take the test which will quiz you on the local and national history of the location and if you should pass, you will become a certified local tour guide. 

Taking a big step

Holiday villas offer the best accommodation for the affluent class. Situated in the serene countryside or along a coast, villas are the perfect getaway. That’s why they also lend you the ability to charge high prices for their rental. If you can see an opportunity of the sort, contact a company like Visio Lending that has vacation rental loans. There will be common sense underwriting of your short-term rents as well as a full 30-year term without balloons. There are also no tax return requirements so you keep your own finances private. You only need to have 30-days of ownership before you can be approved which allows you to grow your portfolio very quickly. You can lease a holiday villa for a month, then utilize this long-term loan to finance your endeavor, meanwhile advertising the property to wealthy clients. You don’t have to use your own details as you can borrow as a corporate entity i.e. as a business. This means your personal finances may not be on the line if anything goes awry.

Local leisure writer

Since you have experienced so much regarding local restaurants, attractions, nightlife and fun leisure activities, why not become a leisure writer? By writing reviews of restaurants and other things that tourists would want to do, you become a trusted voice for many people traveling to the locations you love. 

Don’t sit on your experiences, share them with the rest of the world. If done properly, you can make a career out of your knowledge and begin to work locally. 

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