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Momma Needs a Spa Day! – Born 2 Impress

As a mother and a wife, I am always running around and tending to everybody: my four-year-old, my twelve-year-old, my husband, and of course, Cooper, our dog.

You could say I have a pretty full schedule between meals, school pick-ups, and drop-offs, soccer, doctor’s appointments, playdates, walks, vet visits—you know, the regular mom things that we all do without even thinking.

The truth is that I tend to neglect myself because I am too busy taking care of everybody else.

It’s not until I look down at my feet or take a look at my nails that I realize how much I need a little TLC

Spa Day

While the ideal would be to spend a day at the spa (yeah, right), that doesn’t really fit in the budget or schedule, so I like to do the next best thing and give myself a little spay day at home.

Sunday: My Day of choice

Because Sunday is usually the last day of the week and there’s no school and no soccer game (most of the time), I like to take an hour to myself. I lock my bedroom and bathroom doors—no one is interrupting me!

Step one of my routine is to get a nice, warm bubble bath ready. Candles are also welcome if I have enough time.

This day might also be the day to do any hair masks or treatments that take a bit of time and that I usually don’t have time for during the week.

I especially enjoy treating myself and my hair to a nice, pampering day. I start with a nice hair wash with a mild sulfate-free formula to help wash away the daily grime without stripping my hair of its natural shine, which is a big deal for me.

I especially like the OMORFIE LET’S GET LUSH shampoo, which is great for hair needed in a little attention.

The gentile formula gets rid of the build-up without damaging my hair. It’s lightweight, lathers really well, and smells wonderful. It’s certainly a great addition to an in-home pampering experience.

The Dynamic Duo

After the shampoo, I love the OMORFIE LET’S GET LUSH conditioner, which is step two of the hair pampering process.

It’s a lightweight leave-in conditioner that smells fantastic and leaves me with a tangle-free, shiny, and manageable hair.

It’s so gentle that it can be used as part of your daily wash routine!

Step Three

Next, I comb my hair. Well, it used to be brushing, but I realized that no matter what brush I used right after I washed my hair, I ended up with broken strands, so I switched to a wide-tooth comb and have never looked back.

Great for wet and dry hair, a wide-tooth comb combs through without breaking my hair, and it is heat resistant, so I can use it with a hairdryer if I wanted to.

It takes up practically no space, so I can carry it in my bag anywhere I go.

No spa day is properly complete without a skincare routine and a mani-pedi. After I’m done with my bath and a shower for hair, I wrap my hair in a nice waffle hair wrap.

If you are a pro at wearing a towel on your head, can manage to keep it in place, and don’t feel uncomfortable with the extra weight, by all means, use a towel. I, on the other hand, love a lightweight and easy-to-use hair wrap.

I thought about it for a long time before actually trying one of these hair wraps, but I’m most definitely happy I tried it and have made it into a staple of my routine.

Compact, absorbent, and lightweight, these hair wraps are great to bring along to the gym and anywhere you might need one.

On to the Skincare

After my hair is all taken care of, I move on to my face and body and do deep cleaning and mask on my face to get I ready for the week.

After having a bath and shower for the hair, it is the best time to get rid of impurities on your face. Yes, I mean the dreaded blackheads!

Last But Not Least

It is time to take care of my hands and feet and get my favorite polish on or simply shape my nails and condition my hands and feet.

After that last step, I am pretty much done. I feel like a million bucks, and I am ready for the week ahead.

What do you do for ” me” time?

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