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How to Prevent and Solve Pest Problems? – Born 2 Impress

Problems with pests can occur in any home if you don’t take proper care of it. The most common kinds include rodents, stink bugs, meal moths, fruit flies, silverfish, carpet beetles, cockroaches, and ants. There is a higher chance you will have issues if you own a house. It’s harder for them to get into the building and on higher floors.

You probably have sprays and other tools if you own a garden because caterpillars, aphids, moths, and mires are a common thing there. It would be best if you can prevent the damages but if you can’t, you can hire the best pest company for termites and rodents that you can find online. It’s never been easier to find a professional, just look at the reviews and ratings.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

The place that attracts most pests is the kitchen. They are looking for food and by the smell, they know where to look. The main way to prevent them from coming to your house is to keep the kitchen clean. You need to look at the places you don’t check that often. It won’t be enough to clean spills with a paper towel, you will have to use soap and water at least.

Crumbs can be found anywhere, most likely under the toaster if you have one. Make sure you cleaned under any device you use.  The food should be sealed in plastic or glass containers. Rodents can get to your pet food if you leave it on the floor. Even if you have dirty dishes they might cause issues so leave them in soapy water if you don’t have time to wash them at the moment. Never leave a pile of trash inside because it attracts them. Read more about it here: https://www.pestworld.org/pest-in-the-house/kitchen/

Clean Their Hiding Places

You need to take care of hard to reach areas if you don’t own a house cleaner. Vacuuming should be done on a daily basis and try to get to every part of the house like behind the furniture which is a perfect place for them to hide. It can happen that your pet brings them in the house so check if it has any fleas. Some of the places they like to hide include stacks of magazines or old newspapers.

Clean appliances tend to get dirty easily and people forget to brush them. Many people like to live their clothes on a chair and just take what they will wear for that day. This pile of clothes is a perfect spot for moths. Clothes should be placed into sealed plastic boxes if you want to prevent them from damage.

Less Toxic Pesticides

If any cleaning method doesn’t work, you can use less toxic pesticides because other solutions may be bad for the environment. Something that isn’t so toxic for humans but id deadly to crawling insects is dust boric acid. You bait boxes if you have any pets so they don’t end up finding the poison. You won’t have a problem placing them in areas where you store food.

Remember to tell your children what you are doing so they won’t experiment with it. Fatty-acid soaps won’t work on every insect but if you have difficulties with mites, it will work perfectly. There are many products online that are made for this purpose so there are a lot of solutions.

Identifying the Pest

Once you realize which type of pest is causing damages, it will be much easier to solve the issue. You can use different kinds of foods to attract them. You can hire a professional and make their job much easier when you know the kind.

If you want to solve the problem yourself, you will know which pesticide to use so try figuring out the type of pest. Either way, they will stay until you make a move and get rid of them. Click here to read more.

Volatile Pesticides

Be careful when using volatile pesticides because they can be very dangerous for anyone in your household. They should be used only when you have a clear threat like a nesting spot. Besides that, you need to read the label and make sure you have the right type. Most of them will be split into a selective and broad-spectrum brand which means that the first will work only on certain pests and the second will kill any insect.

Don’t mix outdoor with indoor products because they are more volatile and last longer. It’s not recommended to dump them in the garbage after use. It is better to hire a professional if you don’t know how to use volatile pesticides. If you use sprays, avoid any dishes, pans, and pots.

Hire a Professional

There are a few things you need to check before hiring a professional. The most important thing is to find a company that is certified. This way, you will know that they have all the right equipment and staff for the job. This is crucial for businesses that can impact people’s health.

If you don’t know anyone that has experience with these companies, check online reviews from a trusted website. Always hire a local company because they know the area the best and what issues are most common.

Before you make a deal, tell them about the problems you have so they can have an idea of how to solve it. In some cases, you will need to find a new place to stay for a while if the whole house needs to be cleaned.

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