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For the Shoe Lover on Your List – Born 2 Impress

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Any woman with a passion for shoes will agree that a pair of shoes paired with the right bag can do wonders on an outfit. Yes, a pair of heels adds attitude to an outfit and can dress up pretty much anything you are wearing.

Heels are a great ally to a women’s closet. The one problem with high heels (and correct me if I am wrong) is that they can be pretty uncomfortable, especially when they are brand new. I particularly can not stand my feet being squished and tortured, so sadly, I tend to stay away from high heels.

A High Heel’s Best Friend

Formé Shoe Shapers are a high heel’s best friend. Yes, that’s right, shoe shapers for high heels. I had no idea they existed, and they have changed the way I look at my heels.

To be totally honest, I have purchase striking, beautiful heels more than once only to find out later that they were too uncomfortable to wear. So there they sat, in their pretty boxes, relegated to the back of my closet—too good to give up but not quite worth the sacrifice. Yes, I really value my feet and comfort!

The Formé Shoe Shapers gave my back-of-the-closet shoes a new chance to serve their purpose and shine at my next special event. Yes, I am thinking of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Every Shoe Deserves a Chance

While the Formé Shoe Shapers are specifically designed for high heels, they work in all your favorites. Flats, sandals, and booties, you are all welcome!

Specially designed by a woman who knows that feeling of “I love them but can’t wear them,” the shoe shaper’s wings expand the toe box up to half a size. Your toes some deserve wiggle room.

More than Meets the Eye

I have used shoe shapers before, but they were very basic. Unlike the previous shoe shapers, Formé has seven adjustment positions to determine the amount of force on the toes. It also helps you restore the heel shape for a better fit, and the toe area expands to minimize the dreaded shoe wrinkles.

Pumps, flats, patent leather, suede, pointy toe, open toe: no matter what you had in mind, Formé Shoe Shapers are here to help!

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