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For the Coffee lover on your holiday list – Born 2 Impress

Any coffee lovers on your holiday list? I personally cannot start my day until I have had a nice cup of coffee! While I am not a coffee expert, I do have a weakness for nice, fresh coffee.

Fresh Pre-Ground Coffee and Whole-Bean Coffee

Do you shop for pre-ground or whole-bean coffee, and is there really a difference between the two?

Many of us have to surrender to our circumstances and often use what we have on hand and that fits in our daily lives. Many of us have a variety of “fun” things to do first thing in the morning, such as walking the dog and getting kids, so we’re just happy with getting our hands on anything that resembles coffee.

It is a process

The truth is that coffee beans go through a long process from seed to plant to a fresh coffee bean. When the bean is finally ground up, it starts to age rapidly. So you could say that the main difference between pre-ground and whole-bean coffee is the freshness, the flavor, and you guessed it, the scent.

The great thing about pre-ground coffee is the convenience of not having to grind it yourself, but you are losing some from the freshness of your homebrew and shortening the coffee’s shelf life.

Coffee Grinders Come with a Big Price Tag

Even if you decide to give whole-bean coffee a try, most electric coffee grinders come with a big price tag unless you decide to go with a more affordable yet practical manual coffee grinder.

A Manual Coffe Grinder?

The Eparé Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee is a compact coffee grinder that takes up very little space on your countertop. It gives coffee lovers the ability to make their favorite style of coffee with flawless consistency.

It’s small enough to take with you, which is great for those who want a quality grinder on the go.

You can have your favorite cup of coffee at home or on the go and grind up coffee for any brew with 15 preset settings that takes you from fine espresso to chunky French press. Do you think pre-ground or fresh-ground coffee is for you?

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