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Caretips for the Begonia Maculata- Stuart Wilson – Born 2 Impress

One of my all-time favorite plants let along with my favorite type of Begonia.

The cold season in the western world has is here, love it or hate it! But our plants generally aren’t a fan of the cold especially my Begonia Maculata which is natively a tropical species.

Below are some general care tips which apply all year round. Good luck plant parents.



They love bright light and grow so fast given bright light conditions. They can take a few hours of direct morning light then bright indirect light throughout the day.

I have mine about 3 meters from an east-facing window in the summer and move closer to the window in colder months. 


They love a good drink but can be fussy.

I water once a week in the growing season and every 10 days roughly in winter.

I wait until the soil is dry about an inch deep before giving her about half a pint of water. Begonias also like being at room temperature with around 40-50% humidity.

I mist mine every other day…. a light mist so water doesn’t settle on their leaves. 


I use 10 drops of liquid fertilizer in a liter of water once a month during the growing season and don’t fertilize at all in winter.


They love a well-draining soil mix.

I’d recommend 50% standard premium potting mix, 40% cactus soil, 5% perlite, 5% orchid bark. Repot when roots start growing out through the drainage holes.

I hope this helps all you plant lovers. It’s been a please to share my care tips with you on this gorgeous plant. 

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