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A Quick Guide to Mold Remediation – Born 2 Impress

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We don’t have an innate ability to check air quality. We just breathe it, and sometimes we notice something different. By that time, it can already be too late. Respiratory problems are a world of their own, and they require a lot of caution. That’s especially true when we talk about mold.

We measure air quality by calculating how many particles are in a cubic meter of air. But, those particles are just that, small pieces of dust.

When it comes to mold, those particles are living organisms and spores. They can make a bigger problem. And the bad news is, mildew can show up everywhere. So, what can we do about it?

The first thing is locating the problem

Mold tends to show up in damp and moist areas. So, if you have any kind of leak in your home, you need to secure it fast. As soon as you do that, you need to look at the damage that already happened.

It can be either big or small, but it’s good to have an idea of what you’ll be dealing with. If it’s a small leak, you can fix it yourself, and you can take care of the mold problem as well.

This is true for mold that is up to 10 square feet. That’s three by three feet. If the problem is larger than that, then you should call a professional service. Click here to read more.

What if your place has been flooded?

This is the main worry. A flood is something that you can’t take care of yourself. Then you need to call a professional team for help. In this situation, the mold can spread everywhere. Not only that, but it can remain hidden and then spread when you least expect it.

The workers may need to remove some parts of your flooring or the walls to make everything clean and livable. If this happens by any chance, don’t stay at home for the time being. Let the pros do their job and stay over at a friend’s house for a while.

That’s because a lot of chemicals will be used. Combine that with the existing mold problem, and you have a disease just waiting to happen. Here’s some more info: https://www.epa.gov/mold/mold-cleanup-your-home

What to do if you have a small problem and you want to fix it yourself?

If it’s a small problem, there’s no need to call a specialist. You just need a little bit of equipment and a bit of time on your hands.

The main thing to remember here is to do the job correctly the first time. If you leave a bit of mold in the places you clean, that will just spread again and again. So, get yourself a pair of rubber gloves.

The best ones are long gloves that go up to your forearm. You should never touch mold with your bare hands. As well as gloves, get some goggles for your eyes too. With all that scrubbing, you may get some bacteria in your eye, and nobody wants that.

Finally, don’t forget your breathing mask. With those three items, you’ll be protected.

As for the cleaning solution, you can take chlorine bleach, a disinfectant, or a robust cleaning solution. Locate the area where you need to remove the mold and start scrubbing. It will begin to clear up. But, some areas just won’t clear up no matter how much you struggle. In that case, wait for the entire place to dry, and do it again.

You’ll have better results the next time. When you’re all done, wait for the area to dry again. Most likely, there won’t be any more mold. A good practice is to paint over this area, so the new chemicals will kill what’s left of the microorganisms. If you have any questions, you can just visit RestoreUnow – Mold Removal which can help.

After this is all done, you’re going to have to keep an eye on the area. By that, we mean ventilate it often. You can either open a window or install a fan in the room.

This will prevent the problem from happening again. Or, in some extreme cases, it will keep the issue to a minimum. Remember to stay safe while you’re working. If you think the problem is bigger than you can handle, you can just call the pros.

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