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Triggering Biceps with Spider Curls

In order to isolate the biceps as much as possible, you want to keep the upper arm perpendicular to the ground for the set. This will make sure the biceps drive the entire curling motion. It can be tempting to let elbows shift forward, which involves the front shoulders and takes the emphasis off the biceps. If you do this, you miss the opportunity to really grow your biceps.

When you curl upwards, you want to work to twist the pinky as high as possible as if you are trying to get your palm to turn away from you. This will force your biceps to work much harder. By trying to twist your forearm so the pinky winds up high, it will emphasize a bit of contraction and make it a complete biceps motion.

Don’t forget the squeeze. Once you have curled up as high as you can without letting elbows twist or shift forward, you will feel a sensation in your biceps. You should use this and be sure to finish each rep by squeezing your biceps and building a strong muscle to mind connection.

You can also use dumbbells when you do spider curls. If using dumbbells, be sure to place the dumbbells on the part of the bench you would typically sit on properly. Doing a dumbbell spider curl can allow for more isolation and focus.

When doing a spider curl, try using a fat grip. One of the benefits of choosing a thicker handle is that it will stimulate more muscle activation in the forearms, upper arms, and hand. More muscle activation will mean bigger muscle strength gains.

You want to do a spider curl later in your biceps work, after working with heavier barbell and dumbbell curls. You should aim for three sets of 10-12 reps. If you want to build your biceps then it’s important to keep progressive overload in mind. Keep track of the weight you are using to curl and then increase it incrementally every week.

How Do You Avoid Mistakes with Spider Curls?

There are a number of mistakes you can make when doing spider curls that you want to avoid. Lack of Contractions: If too much weight is applied and combined with excessive momentum, the contraction of the spider curl can be ignored. It’s important to progressively overload your weights throughout training but it’s more important to create a enough stimulus on the muscle as well. In order to get this, you may have to lower the weight and focus on the correct tempo. You then want to add a short pause and squeeze at the top of the contraction.

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