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Top 5 Must-Haves For Newborns


The Top Five Must-Haves For A New Baby

When you have a new baby in the home, you will realize that babies actually need a lot of stuff. Not just a lot, but a whole lot.

While the usual things to have around the home consist of diapers, lots of onesies, a blanket, a place to sleep and so many other things you are already aware of, you should also keep in mind that we no longer in the Stone age.

And, as a parent, you deserve all the necessary accessories that will enable your task as a parent much easier.

However, you can always go through our checklist of things you need to purchase for your little one.

Babies Must-Haves

With having a new baby probably as a first-timer, you will need to sort out the things that are nice to have from those that are a-must-to-have. In time, you will surely get the feeling of the baby items you cannot surely live without and those you do not need.

However, the needed baby items have been streamlined here. Some of the items and its extras you need to purchase for your new little one include:

Doona Infant Car Seat

The natural position to place babies involves positioning them to lie flat on a sturdy surface or the arms of their parents. Like this, the baby is free to move its body, and this encourages movement.

However, the parents of today are always outdoor, and this would mean them taking their babies along. This is where doona’s infant car seat steps in.

It was structured with the main goal of offering parents a protective and practical resolution for carrying their kids. The major focus of Doona is to achieve the highest protection for the baby placed in the car.

Also, it completely supports the baby even when the car seat is placed outside the car. With the child’s position inside the Doona, it enables it to interact and also maintain straight eye contact freely. This helps to facilitate its growth.

Similar to all other car seats, or strollers, Doona does not keep the baby restrained for longer than necessary. It does not only support, but it also cradles the newborn baby.

Note: Doona was designed for your newborn babies and its development was done with universal engineering, medical and safety professionals.

Baby Brezza Formula Dispenser Machine

This is known to be the most developed method utilized in automatically making the formula bottle warm. It combines heat and dispenses either water or formula to the most appropriate temperature.

While some of your formula powders such as the hypoallergenic varieties will prove complex to mix and may likely clump, you can easily shake or stir the bottle if need be. Also, the system can be customized, and the steps include

  1. Select just one-ounce increment that is between two to ten ounces
  2. Select from the three available temperature settings, which are; body temperature, room temperature, and then the temperature that is warmer than the body temperature.
  3. You can select either formula and water or water alone.

The machine is very simple to install and does not make use of any manual adjustment. All you have to do is to select your settings, then hit on the start button.

LÍLLÉbaby Airflow Baby Carrier

With LÍLLÉbaby airflow carrier, you are simply placing the safety and comfort of your baby first. It is very safe for the hips of your baby. The carrier has seats, straps and waist belts that are adjustable.

The carrier aids in facilitating adequate hip support, the curved C-spine posture, as well as frog leg seating. It has been built from very soft and highly durable 3D mesh fabric and enables for temperature control and increased ventilation for every weather.

With it, you have six different ways to carry your child; it has a headrest plus a sleeping hood for not only support but for protection from the sun as well. Also, don’t forget that its adjustable straps are for breastfeeding much easily.

Note: LÍLLÉbaby airflow carrier was the winner for “ Most comfortable Carrier” by prestigious Cribsie Awards.

Ubbi Steel Odor Locking Diaper Pail

Differing from the plastic pails you are used to, Ubbi diaper pail actually locks in every smell. As it is made of steel, the smell cannot escape, thus, keeping the nursery free from any form of odor.

It can be utilized with any common cloth liner or kitchen bag as it provides more savings when compared to those pails that make use of costly, uncomfortable, and very difficult to find refills.

Ubbi steel odor lock makes use of rubber seals that are placed all over the rim and also the sliding lid makes the pail to be airtight to lock the smell deep inside effectively. The most amazing feature of this diaper pail is that it has a child safety lock.

LifeLine Fisher-Price Swing

The first thing to note is that this is a dual motion swing that enables your baby to either sway from head to toe or one side to the other. All you have to do here is to hit on the button and turn the seat to change the positions.

Not to forget, this Fisher-Price swing is very cozy and has soothing alternatives that you swiftly choose from. It has an overhead mobile with about three cuddly friends plus a mirrored dome.

Things that may likely get you interested in this swing is that the motions are subtle, fabrics are soft, and the music is very soothing and even aids in stimulating the baby’s growing senses.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the Must-Haves you can provide for your little one. They will also help you a great deal, especially when your hands are tied down with work. Be sure to go through the list.

While it may look like having your first baby has made you an expert in knowing the important gear and what to avoid, it will come as a surprise to know that a second child can bring about an entirely different challenge to your doorstep.

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