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For the DIYer in Your Family -Mamma is getting powertools Born 2 Impress

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If you think back, a couple of decades, power tools and some home fixing items were exclusively a “man thing”, but that seems to be a very vague memory and nowadays, everybody no matter their gender is very hands-on. More people are jumping on the DIY wagon.

While the DIY was born more like a concept, it has become a full-force movement and thanks to the internet and people’s ability to find tutorial only an entertaining and satisfying way to get things done.

Guilty as charged

I was raised in a country where certain things are left for men to do and handling a power tool like a screwdriver was undoubtedly one of them.

However, a lot has changed since then, and I mean to tell you that after trying my first power tool, I was a changed woman… Yes, I love me some power tools!

My own set for the holidays

The husband lime most men have a set of tools for small repair and projects around the house and I have used his tools before.

I quickly learned about the different attachments and bits you can add to your drill to complete different projects and simply love a nice set of tools.

This holiday, I decided that it was time to get a more up to date screwdriver than the husbands as his even though it is cordless does not get the job done the way it’s needed!

Because I like to work smarter rather than harder, I added the Worx 20V Power Share Switchdriver Cordless Drill and Driver 67 PC. Set to my holiday list.

Why this one?

The switchdriver features rotating dual chucks that allow you to easily switch between bits faster than ever to go from drill to driver just by switching the chuck.

The set comes in a convenient hard case to keep the drill, and different elements neatly organized and makes it easy to bring along to the working site.

The electronic torque control prevents the screws from stripping, and help you prevent damage to the materials you are using on the project.

It has variable 2-speed gearing to handle all common drilling and driving functions easily, 1/4? hex quick-change chuck for easy bit change-out, which allows me to complete my project faster and easier.

And one of my favorites, the switchdriver set, includes 2 MaxLithium batteries which allow me to complete my projects without interruptions and even more importantly, without cords!

The batteries can be shared with other Worx products and did I mentioned that it also features a trigger-activated LED light?

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