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DIY: How to Play Bug Bingo

Connecting to nature and finding joy in the outdoors don’t have to mean climbing to the top of a remote mountain peak. There are all sorts of things to find—from right outside your door to just across town. Whether you’re spending time with kids outside or looking for an excuse to get some fresh air, these simple activities can offer some inspiration. We believe there are questions that only the outdoors can answer. If you were wondering about how to do any of these things, well, we’ve got you covered.

As any little kid can tell you, you don’t have to go farther than your backyard, local park or city sidewalk to discover a thriving world of nature—you just have to look closely enough. Print out our Bug Bingo cards and make a game of finding out how many creatures you can identify. Use small stickers or color in the squares until you get four in a row and declare yourselves winners for spending a little quality time outdoors.Bug Bingo Card

Bug Bingo Card

Bug Bingo Card

Click here to download our Bug Bingo cards.

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