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Canvas prints for summer home decor – Born 2 Impress

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It’s been a long time since I printed a photo for my family album. For a while now, I have replaced the traditional photo albums with digital photo frames, and I have to say that I absolutely love them. But while I relay on my digital photo frames to display family photos, special event photos, and photos of cute little moments with the kids and the dog, I am and always will be a fan of printed canvases for those photos that you just have to show everybody.

Yes, I am talking about those photos with a wow factor that look amazing as part of your décor.

The Best Part of Any Room

I have very little to no artwork throughout my house. Instead, I have added different family and kids’ photos in each room and absolutely love the effect.

The trick to creating the right effect for each room is to choose the correct canvas size and the best background and colors for the room you are placing the canvas in.

Take my son’s room, for example. It is painted a very light blue and white, so I have chosen navy blue and white for the accents and contrasting dark furniture.

I have no paintings or artwork in his room. Instead, I have added a gorgeous 20 x 40 canvas of him which I got from CanvasDiscount.com.

Because I  want to keep all the focus on the photo, I chose a wood frame fold and in the standard size, which is 0.75 inches, but you can get a deeper fold to match your photo.


The colors and the background are just perfect for the color palette in his room, and the size is just what I needed to create a focus wall and add a wow factor to his room and décor.

Play Around with Sizes

The orientation of your photo will determine the best size for you, so make sure you have the right photo-to-size ratio.

How to Choose the Best Size for Your Canvas Print

Your canvas print ratio is determined by the length of each side of the photo. For example, if you have a square image to work with, it would have an aspect ratio of 1:1 because all the sides are equal. On the other hand, if you have an image with a 1:2 ratio, then one side is two times longer than the other, which is the case for the photo I used in my son’s room.

Keep Your Project within Budget

A few years ago, canvas prints were ungodly expensive and not very budget friendly. These days, you can get a beautiful, high-quality canvas, such as the ones offered by CanvasDiscount.com, for just a fraction of the price.

Ready for a fun canvas print project?
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