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Amusement Park Survival Tips – Born 2 Impress

Everybody loves going to amusement parks. Growing up, I saw visiting places like Disneyworld and Universal Studios as a faraway dream, not sure if I would have ever had the chance to visit either of these parks.

I grew up in the Dominica Republic, and while it is close to the US, there are a few things that needed to take place to visit the US.

I ended up marrying an American citizen, and yes, my dream of
visiting the parks was fulfilled. I now live about four hours away from Orlando
and have visited the main parks a few times!

What I Wish I Had Known Before My First Visit

There’s no doubt that a visit to any of the parks in Orlando is a blast, but there are ways to make the experience even better!

Food and Water

You will be thirsty, and you will be hungry. A day at one of
the attraction parks is a full day, and you will be moving a lot. It is important
to stay hydrated because you are going to Florida, and the chances are that it will
be hot.

While there are many kiosks where you can get drinks (or get
tap water for free), you might want to consider bringing your own water bottle.
They’re allowed in the parks as long as they’re not made out of glass.

Food is another important aspect of your day. There is, of course, plenty to eat all over the place, but if you are looking to stay within budget, bring your own snacks (that is allowed in most parks).

Dress Accordingly

You will want to wear comfortable shoes and clothes for the occasion.
Again, keep in mind that, more often than not, the weather is hot and humid. Avoid
synthetic fabrics that will stick to your skin.

Shoes are a key element for your day to be a success. Look for
the most comfortable shoes in your closet. You will thank me later!

Color Matters

Black is known to attract UV rays, so you might want to consider
a lighter color.

Be Ready for the Lines

Lines at the park can be … well, pretty intense, so it is always
a good idea to bring a pair of headphones for the waiting periods. Look for something
compact and preferably wireless that you can easily take off and put away when needed.
Sweatproof headphones are a must because, as I mentioned, you will be getting
in a nice work out under the beautiful Florida sky.

I really enjoyed the iLive True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, which are truly wire-free. There are no cables of any kind, they fit very comfortably, they have the sweat-proof feature, and they are very easy to pair with your phone.

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