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7 Tips to Make More Money on Poshmark – Born 2 Impress

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According to research, within the last year alone Poshmark has paid out approximately $1 billion. The top sellers boast six and seven-figure incomes. And even those with average sales are able to earn a full-time income. However, this isn’t the case for every seller. Some Poshmark sellers report only generating hundreds per month at best. So what distinguishes the top sellers from those on the lower end? Well, the answer to generating more sales typically lies in the way you brand your business. Let’s take a moment to discuss a few tips for making more money on Poshmark.

1. Be Active

Top sellers understand the importance of engagement. Poshmark is an extremely social platform which means that if you want to get the most out of it you need to interact with others. Specifically, you need to share your closet every chance you get. The more you share your clothes, the more opportunities you get to increase your sales. Ideally, you should share a minimum of three times per day. You should share the most on the weekends as this is when people tend to do most of their shopping. You should also follow other users. Not only will get more exposure, but some people will follow you back and share your items.

2. Re-List Your Items

Another technique that top sellers sometimes use is re-listing. Every time you list or relist an item it will appear in the “Just In” category. Buyers are always checking this particular category because it lets them know about the newest items. If you notice that a certain item is not getting enough traffic or feel that you would have more success if you post it during a different time of day then delete the item and re-list it. This way, you can be sure that all of your followers have seen it. You may even consider lowering the price to sweeten the deal for the followers who have already seen the item.

3. Take Premium Pictures

The only thing that your potential buyers have is the images that you show them. If the images are grainy, overexposed, dark, or don’t fully showcase every detail of the item then it’s very likely that they’ll move on without making a purchase. However, if the items are featured in a professional photo then they’re much more likely to buy. That’s why it’s so important that you take quality images.

Take images that show off the texture, color, and condition of the item. Make sure that you iron or steam the clothes so that they’re wrinkle-free. Take the images in rooms that have a lot of windows and natural light. If your home doesn’t have natural light then consider taking the photos outside. Take pictures from every angle so that your customers can feel as if they’re holding the item. Don’t be afraid to model the clothes so that your customers are more familiar with the fit.

4. Be Descriptive

Sometimes making more money on Poshmark can be as simple as creating titles that are more descriptive. When writing your descriptions in titles, you need to think about how your potential buyers will find them. Buyers use certain characteristics and keywords to describe what they’re looking for. So make sure that your description makes your item as easy to find as possible.

The words you use need to be relevant. For example, you should include the name of the brand. Include the style. Describe the color. Make a note of the size. Explain special features. What condition is the item in? What type of material is it made of? Does it come with special washing instructions? Poshmark allows you 500 characters so this is plenty of space to offer a detailed description.

5. Adjust Your Prices

There’s also a chance that your prices could be too high. If your buyers notice that your competition is selling the same item for less then it could make them purchase from someone else. There’s even a chance that your prices could be too low. If the prices are set too low then the buyer may assume that the item is cheap or that it’s damaged and isn’t worth buying. So you need to be very strategic about the number you place on your clothes.

This requires a little research. Look around for items that are similar to yours. What are other sellers charging for the item? Once you have a good idea about the average price, then figure out what your desired profit margin is. From this point, you can come up with a figure that looks to you and makes the buyer feel as if they will be getting a deal.

6. Answer Questions

No matter how detailed your description is there’s bound to be someone who has more questions for you. Make sure that you answer all questions as soon as possible. When you offer a prompt response it shows the client that you want their business. You should also answer the questions in a professional and courteous manner. Keep in mind that questions and answers are visible to everyone.

7. Highlight Your Personality

Another great way to make more money on Poshmark is to highlight your personality. Poshmark offers a Meet the Posher sections which allows you to post images and offer details about yourself. So tell your potential buyers more about your background. Do you have a family, hobby, or pets? People tend to buy from people that they connect with. And when you fill out this section, it humanizes you.


Making more money on Poshmark is simple if you’re aware of the proper strategies. You just have to be willing to invest more time. Inevitably, you’ll find that most of your time is spent becoming an active member of the community. That’s why a lot of people rely on a Poshmark bot. A Poshmark bot actually automates this process so that you don’t have to spend your time doing it manually.

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