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5 Creative and Unique Ways to Use Embossing Machines – Born 2 Impress

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Embossing machines are excellent DIY devices that are used for two main maneuvers: cutting patterns and creating ‘pop-out’ effects on paper, metal, fabric, leather, and plastic. If you are the proud owner of one of these nifty apparatuses then you have endless opportunity to create beautiful handmade crafts.

To spark some inspiration into your next DIY project, I’ve conducted a list of 5 creative uses for embossing machines.

1. Stencils

When you are creating a design with images that repeat itself, it can be difficult to achieve an exact replica without using a guide. Cutting a series of images from durable, see-through plastic will give you the ability to create symmetrical patterns in your design.

Stencils can be used to paint a border around a square piece of fabric, that can be used as a table runner or cloth. Use stencils to paint repeated patterns on a bedroom or living room wall as well as decorating old furniture.

Smaller stencils can be used as a template to paint characters and textures on the skin while playing dress-up.

2. Christmas Tree Décor

Unfortunately, Christmas happens only once a year, but that shouldn’t stop you from creating tree decorations whole year-round. Cutting custom-designed baubles, snowmen, Christmas Fathers, and reindeer from colorful paper or metal will give your Christmas tree a unique signature look.

After cutting Christmas figures out of your chosen material you can further decorate it by using glitter, wool, and ribbon. Making Christmas tree décor together can be a fun family activity in preparation for the festive season. https://realitydaydream.com/embossed-metal-christmas-ornaments/

3. Jewelry

Jewelry is a great use for your embossing machine. To be able to create jewelry with this device you need a high-quality machine that can cut and press into a variety of metals. Making necklaces, rings, earrings, and armbands with distinct patterns and engravings will give your designs a unique flair. You can also incorporate luxurious stones and materials into your jewelry designs.

This is one of the DIY uses that can be profitable. When you design intricate and unique jewelry you will be able to sell it at markets and even online. Without a doubt, you will need some extra skills and finesse to create a marketable product. Play around with different materials, metals, and embossing patterns and you’ll soon find your signature stamp.

4. Cards and Invitations

The most obvious use for an embossing machine is to create gorgeous invitation and gift cards. Whether you want to say ‘Thank you’, ‘Congratulations’, or ‘Good Luck’ – putting your own spin on a card makes it extra special for the receiver.

It’s with invitations, cards, and place holder cards that you can be really creative and think outside of the box. Create 2-dimensional shapes by placing a variety of colorful cut-outs in an arrangement that portrays flowers, animals, or characters.

Use the machine’s embossing function to create ‘pop-out’ calligraphy phrases and names. You can even combine delicate cut-outs with the embossing technique to create a well-balanced composition.

Use a variety of paper textures, thicknesses, and colors to create exceptionally modern and classic card designs. For tips on how to make your own paper click here.

5. Mobile Phone and Wallet Case

You can’t walk down the street without spotting someone with a mobile phone in their hands. A necessity that goes along with a mobile phone is a protective cover. Durable mobile phone cases have become a huge industry. A huge variety of cover designs, prints, and textures can be found at a budget and high-end prices.

With your embossing machine, you can create a custom-made leather phone case and accompanying wallet. Personalize the items by inserting your initials, a favorite quote, or names of loved ones.

Either you can buy ready-made leather cases and wallets and emboss them or you can create everything from scratch.

Which ever DIY craft you decide to try out, remember that you can be as creative as you’d like. Try new techniques, fabrics, and designs to push your creative boundaries.

The greatest thing about an embossing machine is the fact that you can create custom made products. Personalizing crafts and products, give it a special handmade feel that anyone would like to receive or purchase.

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